dXb - Links Legacy Databases via a Unique Search Key and User Interface

Functionality - what does dXb do ?

  • Cross-reference engine across multiple transactional systems
  • Instantaneous lookup of cross-referenced identities
  • Rapid search of inaccurate names and addresses
  • Rapid resolution of ambiguous data
  • Identification of damaged data

Usage Scenarios - when would I use dXb ?

  • Customer centered systems integration e.g.
    • new business drivers
    • merger acquired systems
  • Data cleansing
  • Developing composite applications
  • Progressive migration from legacy systems

Qualities - how does dXb behave and what are its interfaces ?

  • Embraces change:
    • systems - retiring outmoded systems, adoption of additional systems
    • entities - creation of new identities, withdrawal of old identities
  • Always on-line
  • Highly scalable
  • Batch and transactional interfaces
  • Browser desktop interface (optional)
  • Operated with minimal bandwidth network connection to client

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